~ About me ~

A little insight if you will

My name is Jordan, but everyone know me as "Aquazus" or "Aqua" :)
I'm an experienced Java Developer and I have a lot of knowledge in Minecraft Servers, I started Java seriously at the age of 12. I'm now 18yo and still working for customer's pleasure :)

The last server I've coded was Rushland, a french Minecraft minigames server, it handled around 500 players in peak before I leave the staff to be able to work for individual customers, Rushland was taking too much time for me.






Server knowledge


Bukkit, Spigot, BungeeCord

  • June, 1998

    I was born! Woo!

  • March, 2007

    My first computer

  • September, 2010

    My first Minecraft server

  • January, 2011

    I started to learn Java seriously

  • November, 2013

    Rushland, the server I was coding, got 200 players simultaneously

  • March, 2014

    Development is now taking all of my free time

  • May, 2015

    After a break, working again on Rushland, got 500 players simultanously

250+ Customers Served

5 Years of Experience

4000+ Twitter Followers

400+ Free resources downloads

~ My Process ~

Solid comms, project milestones and regular updates.

  • Plan

    The first step is without a doubt the most sensitive: we reach an agreement on specifications and from this point the thinking process can begin. This is the core of your project
  • Design

    The next step is the design. In other words, it is what the user will be seeing. Regarding a Minecraft plugin, it can be the menus, the messages or animations.
  • Build

    Here, as if by magic, your project will be born through the joining of the program and by combining your ideas and my skills.
  • Launch

    The product, once done, will be put on your network as soons as it fulfills your expectations. A swift technical support is guaranteed in order to satisfy your clients.

~ My Team ~

Meet the team

~ My Services ~

All your needs taken care of

By being endowed with expertise on several topics, I am able to provide you the following services:


Do you want something to be done? I can code it for you! From Bukkit plugins to complex Java programs, I'm always available to fit your needs.

Server Management

If you need someone to configure your Windows/Unix server from basis to advanced setup, I can help you.


Have you got any problem with your server? I'm available to help you about code, configuration, optimisation.

~ Testimonial ~

I like making people smile


Chazmondo, TN Owner

Aqua has been the greatest dev, and on hand he responds to any issues I face.


Callum, Speedify

Vouch, talked over Skype and made my plugin requests to the standards I wanted quickly. He also has made CosmicChest and AsyncPVP.


BruurTycho, Born in: config.yml

Aqua has been a amazing supporter with all my questions!
Very friendly and well thinking with you.


Gianluca, SnakeMC and Jevination

Aqua is an amazing developer who not only creates high quality plugins, but also responds to any questions or queries that you may have in a friendly manner. He is very easy to talk to, and just a pleasure to work with.